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Bunjevac folk dance in: Croatia, Hungary, and Vojvodina/Serbia

Bunjevac folk dance: "Dances from Vojvodina are most similar to the Slavonian dances in their liveliness and activity. The Bunjevci Croats from the Bačka region are renowned for their beautifully embroidered female dresses, made from real silk from France, and the rattling sound made by the dancers' boots as they dance. In the Banat region, the men have their own competitive dance." Croatian dances - Wikipedia

Momačko kolo: "One of their signature dances is the Momačko kolo (the bachelors dance). The men in this dance are seen to be competing against each other to see who can exhibit the most challenging steps whilst at the same time impressing the single females. Their abilities are showcased when the small metal plates on their boots create musical and rhythmical effects while dancing." Folklorna Grupa Mladi Hrvati - Clifton Hill - Početna | Facebook

Bunjevac dances: Tandračak, Bunjevačko momačko kolo (literally the bunjevac men's kolo, where one man dances with two women), momacko nadigravanje (the men's competitive dance), Kolo igra, Tamburica svira, Malo kolo, etc. BEC

Momačko kolo 

Momačko kolo, Stevan Tonković

Croatian Bunjevac Folk Dance, BKC Bunjevačko kolo, Serbia

Veliko Prelo, Gara, Hungary, 2017 

Bandašicino kolo, BSBNM, Vojvodina/Serbia


Tandrčak, Stevan Tonković

Croatian Ball, Budapest, Hungary, 2016 

Veliko Prelo, Csávoly, Hungary, 2016 

Felszállott a pávában, Pécs, Hungary 


Old pagan tradition

Old pagan tradition: Spring Dance/Procession - Kraljice/Ljelje - Queens/Princess of Pentecost in Slavonia County (Croatia), Bács-Kiskun and Bácska County (Hungary), Bačka and Srem District (Vojvodina/Serbia). BEC

Vlach origins of Kraljice (Hora and Kolo): "Marian Wenzel wrote that the Romanians/Vlachs of North East of Serbia “still perform“ Hora funerary dance (kolo in Serbian) in which three female dancers carry bunches of flowers, while the leader carries a sword, which corresponds to some petroglyphs with hora depicted on some funerary monuments. This particular dance is believed to serve as a soul’s guide to the otherworld." Octavian Ciobanu. 2018. pp.8The heritage of Western Balkan Vlachs. The heritage of Western Balkan Vlachs | Octavian

Bunjevci Kraljice, Baja, Hungary

Bunjevac Kraljice

Borovske Kraljice, KUD Branislav Nušić

Kraljice, Ruma, Serbia

UNESCO Intangible Heritage of Croatia: Spring Procession

Ansambla LADO, Slavonske kraljice

Kraljice, BKC Tavankut, Serbia

Kraljice, Baja, Hungary 

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