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Bunjevac Tradition & Religious Events

Bunjevci were historically Croatian nobility: "As reflected by the elegance and opulence of their costumes, Bunjevci were historically Croatian nobility. Following the Christian-Turkish wars, they migrated from continental Dalmatia and western Herzegovina to the Velebit area, Lika, and Gorski Kotar, as well as Bačka, Vojvodina. These costumes are a symbol of the wealth and affluence of the families, who in the late 19th and early 20th centuries imported silks from Lyon, France and decorated them with gold embroidery." Folk Costumes | 

Bunjevac tradition: "Today, the largest concentration of Bunjevci is in the ethnically mixed city of Subotica, which is their cultural and political centre. Traditionally, Bunjevci of Bačka are associated with land and farming. Large, usually isolated farms in the Northern Bačka called Salaši, are a significant part of their identity. Most of their customs celebrate the land, harvest and horse breeding." Folklorna Grupa Mladi Hrvati - Clifton Hill - Početna | Facebook

Franciscan order involvement of the southern "South Slavic Exodus" from Bosnia in to the Panonian Plain: "Franciscan friars appeared in Bosnia at the end of the thirteenth century. They were given the task of challenging the Bogomil heretic church. The Pope declared the whole of Bosnian Kingdom to be a missionary territory and appointed the Franciscans as local inquisitors." (pp.410). "After the battle of Mohacs (1526) and the fall of Buda (1541), the middle third of the medieval kingdom of Hungary was occupied by the Turks. Large numbers of southern Slavs moved into the Turkish-occupied areas of Hungary. While many of these people were Catholics, overall the Catholic Church in Hungary was significantly weakened by the effects of the Reformation." (pp.409). István György Tóth. 2003. Between Islam and Catholicism: Bosnian Franciscan Missionaries in Turkish Hungary 1584-1716

St. John´s Day (Ivan Cvitnjak) - Dužijanca 

Dužijanca is a harvest festival tradition of the Bunjevac community 

100 Years Dužijanca, Subotica, 2011

Fire on St. John's Day - Cvitnjak 

Dužijanca, documentary, part 1 

Dan Dužijance, documentary

St. John the Baptist  

Fire on St. John's Day - Cvitnjak 

Dužijanca, documentary, part 2

Dužijanca, Tavankut, 1990


In Varietate Concordia

Faljen Isus gazdarice, čestitamo Materice

Za Zvizdom Repaticom

Ave Marija


Bunjevac Christmas Traditions

Srićna Noć Je Prispila

Diva Mati 


Easter - Uskrs

Lord gloriously ascended

Obeležen Vodeni ponedeljak

Easter bread

Easter - Uskrs



Good Friday 

Easter - Kolo, Mali Uskrs - Fra Mirko

Easter celebration, Bačka 

Josefa Skenderović





VELIKO PRELO - gathering

Veliko Prelo, Kata Kuntić, Subotica/Szabadka, Serbia, 2019

Veliko Prelo, Subotica/Szabadka, Serbia, 2020

Veliko Prelo, Csávoly, Hungary, 2019

Veliko Préló, Drago Horvat, Baja, Hungary, 2019 

Veliko Prelo, Subotica/Szabadka, Serbia, 2020

Bunjevacko Prelo, Cikerija, Hungary, 2019


Hope for the Glory of God


Radio Maria Srbije 


Mass in the Church of St. Francis, Szabadka/Subotica, 2020

Cathedral St. Teresa of Avila, Subotica/Szabadka

Pictures, prayers, and songs

Fra Mirko, Franciscan Missionaries in the Balkans

Mass at Tavankut, 2018

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